Panorix Message Queue In the Cloud

Panorix Message Queue is fast, reliable, and simple-to-use Cloud-based message queue system. It offers Simple (FIFO), Broadcast, and Subscribe message types -- all in the same queue. Message queues can be used to distribute processes into separate components. Each component can send/receive messages to/from a queue, therefore, decreasing a need for centralized processing and reducing administrative costs.

All Services are delivered via REST. This means that applications in any device that can access the internet and capable of using the HTTP protocol can connect to a Panorix message queue. Panroix Message Queue API calls are simple, easy to understand and to execute. There is also no lengthy setup, and configurations to start.

Feature Highlights

  • Multiple writers and readers
  • Configurable queues
  • Undo functionality on deleted queues
  • No duplicate messages
  • Encrypt messages
  • Peek messages without changing their position in the queue
  • View de-queued messages
  • Different Message Types in the same queue (Simple, Broadcast, Subscribe)
  • Multiple layers of security
  • Reply-To queues
  • Fanout - Propegate messages to other queues
Getting started

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.NET Grid Sample (Export to Excel)

DHTMLX Grid Sample with paging (Export to Excel)

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