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Panorix Message Queue is fast, reliable, and simple-to-use cloud-based message queue system. It offers Simple (FIFO) and Broadcast message types -- all in the same queue. Message queues can be used to distribute processes into separate components. Each component can send/receive messages to/from a queue, therefore, decreasing a need for centralized processing and reducing administrative costs.


  • Multiple writers and readers - Multiple users can access a queue, send and receive messages at the same time.
  • Configurable queues - Each queue can be independently configured.
  • Undo functionality on deleted queues - Deleted queues can be recovered if undo action is taken within 24 hours.
  • No duplicate messages - A message with a duplicate message-body cannot enter a queue.
  • Message expiration - An expiration date/time can be set for each message.
  • Visibility timeout (Delayed Jobs) - Availability of messages can be delayed.
  • Peek messages - View a message without affecting its position in a queue.
  • Retrieve messages arbitrarily from a queue - If a message loses its scope of interest it can be pulled back from a queue.
  • View de-queued messages - Qeues can be configured to store de-queued messages for up to 14 days.
  • Reply-To Queue - A sender can wait for a reply from a queue specified in the Reply-To header. This can be configured when creating a queue or each time a message is sent.  With a combination of the Reply-To header and the Subscriber Id (Message Group Tag) a sender and receiver can establish a private channel.
  • Fanout - A message is propegated (copied) to a group of queues as soon as it enteres the target queue.
  • Different Message Types in the same queue
    • Simple - First In First Out (FIFO) - A Message immediately becomes unavailable (de-queued) after it is received by the first component.
    • Broadcast - Message remains in the queue until the last expected caller has received the message or removed automatically after an expiration date/time is elapsed.
    • Subscribe (FIFO) - also known as Message Groups - Only a recipient with a particular Id can receive a message. This enables serveral components to independently use the same queue.

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